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    Angel The Snake Girl


    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    Angel the Snake Girl

    This is a shot from the Gwinnett County Fair that was taken on Sunday the 16th.    My thoughts on this shot, as with many others over that day, were just somewhat underwhelming after importing into Lightroom 4.1.  I had taken 9 shots, bracketed at one stop intervals, of this and hoped to be able to get something out of it using Photomatix to process in high dynamic range (HDR).

    The first attempt, I used 7 of the 9 photos but things were just a little too noisy and the reds and yellows were really way too saturated in the color version.  I then used three of the images, -1, 0, +1 EV, and liked the way this looked better but still wasn’t completely happy with it.  I clicked through some of the presets and came across Monochrome 2 setting and thought it was an interesting look.  It gave the overall picture a moody sort of foreboding feel to it, I then made a few adjustments to the black and white point sliders to really highlight the sign, and moved the Smooth Highlights and Micro smoothing sliders up a bit to take out some of the noise in the photo.  I was happier with the overall look of it but the funhouse to the left still took away from the sign.  So, I saved back out to Lightroom 4.1 and the first thing I did was crop out some of the funhouse, leaving in a couple of the faces painted on the side.  Then using the selective brush tool I added some clarity to the sign, which highlighted the sign so that it stood out more agianst the sky.  Then I added a vignette to the photo which reduced the distraction of the funhouse to the left and some clutter to the lower right of the photo and further enhanced the sign.  The last thing was to add a little selective sharpening to the sign area of the photo and I was done.

    This photo and process was the jumping off point for a few of the other photos taken while at the fair and set the theme/style that I went after in processing the rest of the photographs in this collection.  I will discuss more of these thoughts in more posts.

    As a side note, no, I did not pay one dollar to get in to see the snake girl, but I was curious about the Help Wanted sign.


    Glenn Gibbs

    Bender Of Light Photography, LLC

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